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F100 - Low-powder latex
finger cots
F200 - Powder-free latex finger cots
F300 - Conductive latex finger cots
F400 - Food grade latex finger cots
F500 - T2 Latex finger cots
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F500-T2 Latex finger cots
  ◎ Made of 100% pure natural latex.
◎ Silicone oil, amide & plasticizers free.
◎ Double thickness for long wear-22Mil.
◎ With powder and without powder.
◎ White colour or yellow colour.
◎ Packaged in poly bag.


◎ Handling high risked materials ;adhesives,sharp metal devices and currency handling.
◎ Application requiring longer durability & safer protection.
Packing and Storage
1000 pcs/bag;20 bag/carton (Custom packaging available)
Finger cots should be kept in a cool,dry place to prolong shelf life.should avoid direct sunlight.
This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.
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